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Somaliland:Graduation Ceremony held for 44 local Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Instructors

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-A well attended graduation ceremony was today, (13th, Feb 2018)held at the Mansoor Hotel , for 44 Instructors drawn from all regions of Somaliland on completion of 15 day’s Intensive training course which is part of EU funded “Horumarinta Cilmiga” project which is jointly implemented by Save the Children, Care and Norwegian Refugee Council.

Mr. Dahir , representative of the Save the Children in his opening remarks stated,  “In today’s world vocational education and training (TVET) cultivates a strong link between the quality of education and the quality of teachers and trainers. Teaching staff are important stakeholders in implementing VET reforms, and their training and professional developments are crucial elements.

Mr. Ahmed Farah A’inan, the TVET director, in the Ministry of education speaking during the occasion said, “First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the both the instructors who have just completed their training course and the visiting trainers from the Kenya Institute of technical training  who shared the knowhow. Secondly, I would like thank all those local institution’s who provided and facilitated the crucial training.

Mr. Suleiman Hassan Alin, 72 yrs old and the eldest of the graduating batch of instructor’s had this to say, “I would like thank all those who availed us opportunity to garner new skills and knowledge during the course of our training especially Save the Children, the ministry of education and the various stakeholder involved in the whole exercise .

Eng. Mustafa Mohamed Hassan, the youngest of the graduating batch of instructor’s and PhD holder in mechanical engineering noted thetraining course as one of a kind.

Mr. Mahmuod Mohamed Yusuf, Save the Children and also the joint education consortium Manager on his part noted; Life has become tremendously fast paced and many young people have been finding really hard to find a good job in this fiercely competitively world. That is exactly where the importance of vocational training comes in. VET or CTE programs offer practical skills that students can put to use in a job.

“I hope the training course has equipped you with the necessary teaching skills which are essential. He further urged the graduating instructors to be more inventive.

Mr. Abdullahi Essa Awaleh, the Director of Hargeisa Technical Institute called upon the current government to invest more vocational education and training (TVET) institutions.

Hon Mohamed Farah Hared, the director general in the ministry of education pledged to enhance VET or CTE programs in the country educational curriculum.

 Objectives of the training were as follows:-

  1. To enhance the practical – based skills delivery through Instructors technical skills upgrading.
  2. To build instructors capacity to prepare instructional practical lessons, materials and handouts,
  3. To train TVET instructors on competency modular TVET curricula; its implementation and assessment.
  4. To provide skills upgrading on correct use and handling and training delivery based on machines and tools.
  5. To enhance  instructors creativity, innovation and application of machine tools and equipment.


Number of instructors trained during the course:

  1. Welding and fabrication: 8 instructors
  2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics: 8 instructors
  3. Plumbing and Pipe fitting technology: 7 Instructors
  4. Electrical Installations: 13 instructors
  5. Cooling and Refrigeration: 8 instructors

In total 44 Instructors benefited the 15 days TVET Instructors technical training course.