Ila Qosol: Madaxweynaha Dhaarintiisa

China donates 2 mln USD to UNICEF to help children in Somalia

Chinese government on Tuesday donated 2 million US dollars to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help reach 15,000 young children suffering from severe acute malnutrition in the southern and central regions of Somalia. Chinese Ambassador to Somalia Qin Jian said Beijing was committed to supporting humanitarian response in Somalia to ensure that the needs […]

Madaxweynaha cusub ee Somaliland Mudane Muuse Bihi Abdi ee xilka kala wareegaya Madaxweyne Ahmed Siilaanyo ayaa markii ugu horreysey shacabkiisa la hadlay. ( Si fiican u dhegeyso ugana bogo video-ga )

Awdalpress – London – Madaxweyne Muuse Bihi Abdi oo dhawaan xilka loo tirin doono, ayaa markii ugu horreysey la hadlay shacabka, waxa

For Africa to root out modern day slave trade, youth empowerment is crucial

  If the thought of a man armed with a rifle and driving with whips a group of African men, women, and children to sell them at a slave market makes you marvel at what kind of greed motivated such revolting barbarity centuries ago, the shocking truth is that we are witnessing a 21st century […]

In Defense of the National Electoral Commission: An Open Letter to Somaliland Allies and Partners

I am writing in response to the open letter published by on November 19th, 2017. The letter is authored by an individual who signed his name as:  Khalid Sahid Dirir. The author made a weak attempt to undermine the integrity of the Republic of Somaliland NEC or National Elections Commission. The allegations listed in the open letter fail to accrue enough evidence to question the integrity of Somaliland electoral process.


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