Ila Qosol: Madaxweynaha Dhaarintiisa

Daawo Cadceed Tv: Maxkamada Rafcaanka Gobolka Awdal Oo Xukuno Ku Riday Kooxo Dhalinyaro Ah Oo Rabshado Ka Waday Gudaha Magaalada Boorama ( VIDEO )

May 9, 2015 Borama(Cadceed) – Kooxo dhalinyara ah oo lagu soo eedeeyay inay rabshado iyo dagaalo xaafad xaafada ka sameeyeen gudaha magaalada Boorama ayaa waxa xukumo ku riday Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Racfaanka ee gobalad Awdal iyo Salal, hadaba halkan ka daawo noocyada ay isugu jireen xukunadani iyo xeerarka loo cuskaday

Wariye: Axmed Farax Barkhad(A.Barakale)
Cadceednews Borama Office.

Somaliland:Correction on the Publications of the Official version of the Voter Registration (Amendments & Additions) Law – State Counsel

State CounselBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Chief State Counsel (Garyaqaanka Guud) Mr. Idle Ibrahim Saleban has revealed the need for corrections on the wrongly printed official publications of law of the country issue # 12 concerning elections laws.

The correction which is now underway touches on a Corrigendum of the Voter Registration (Amendments & Additions) Law.

Somaliland:Parliament Approves Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority bill and the Quality Control bill

guurti555555By Goth Mohamed Goth

The house of parliament has in a motion chaired by the first deputy speaker Hon Mohamed Farah have vote in favor of the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority bill and the quality control bill.

VIDEO: ICP Asks UN’s Lazzarini About Somalia, Remittances, Yemen, Counter-Terrorism – and Somaliland, Puntland

UNITED NATIONS, May 9 hen the UN’s outgoing humanitarian coordinator for Somalia Philippe Lazzarini held a press conference on May 8, Inner City Press asked him about the impact of money transfer and remittance being cut off, about the future of the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya — and about Puntland and Somaliland, where people […]

VIDEO: Lure of high-risk riches too strong for Somalia refugees

AFP n a good day, Salat Ahmed and his pregnant wife Sadiyo make two dollars (1.80 euro) selling kilogramme bundles of khat, a leafy green herb that is mildly narcotic when chewed.They run their business from a corrugated tin shack beside an extravagantly cratered dirt road in Ifo, one of five camps that together form […]


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